Tuesday, September 29, 2009

demo reel

This is my 3d stuff... models are mainly for games
so they have very efficient polygons.


Monday, September 21, 2009


I'm a big fan of Timaya and I've wanted to do this pic for a long time. But
after school was done, I've kinda taken a break from 3D and I'm practcing
some 2D stuff. I'm having a lot of fun with it.

3D and 2D have fundamental differences that most people dont know . FOr me
to do this in 3d will look cool but might take a while to pull off.

Back to Timaya, I wanted an image that would represent his xter. There is
a raw africaness to his music and I wanted that shown in the image... Its
still a work in progress ... I'll be doing some updates in a while.

Monday, September 14, 2009

Jamaican girl

Here is a piece I worked on all day... enjoy.

Sunday, September 13, 2009


this was a fun project to pass time. Good times :)


My favorite logo of all time. One color and it still kicks ass.

message to the artist - My thought process...

I try to keep my colors very between a minimum of 2 and max of 3.
For some strange reason, the minute u add more stuff, it starts lookin'
like ehh.. crap.

So this was for a small business and they just wanted their names and
a symbol. It wasn't too hard to do.

When people start out, I think one of the big problems is how to charge for
your time. The fact is you can charge what you want depending on who your
client is and how much work you intend to put in.

I spend a lot of time researching and checking out references and related logos.
What also takes my time is sketching. I tend to do tonnes and tonnes of sketches
sometimes I copy other peoples work over and over till I create my own original
piece. The fact is, you are not going to create anything new, but you can make
something more interesting, and people like interesting... hence I spend a lot of
time trying to polish the visual interest of my logos. I keep a strong record of how
long I spent on a logo and I charge my clients accordingly.

So the answer to how much do I charge the client, its how much time I spend working
on it.

What I also love to do is bounce ideas of clients as much as I can. What is the nature of your
business? What do you sell? who is your target market? ... this helps me solidify my logo design.
I wont make a grungy logo for a toy store.


This is for a documentary that is still in the works. Its to celebrate the toronto hiphop artists.
The guy that sponsored this is called Bruce Wayne ...lol

This is a bit old but its up there for me. Here was my support for Obama. Frankly, I think the man is doing a kick ass job, from employment to health care. Not sure on his foreign policies but
his domestic is pretty dope.

OH! Yeah, freaking cafepress wont let me put this on their site because of copyright... what?!
check out their site, all u see is a bunch of vectorized celebs and when I put a picture of the president of the US, its copyright? whaaat?

My genius sis!

My sister in Nigeria runs makes jewelries, and she needed a logo. She was quite specific on her colors but again,
this one was a black canvas... had fun doing it. I kinda wanted that had an african essense
it but I also didn't want it too stereotypical. I wanted to show the modern african working woman.
So far everyone seem to like it..


Here is another piece that is after my heart :)

The Mental Institution

I got approached my a research team that just landed a government sponsored mental health research. Its focus was on people of color in toronto. They pretty much gave me a blank canvas to do whatever I want and keep the piece, all they needed was a high resolution soft copy. Soo.. I went all out on this one... its fun when they give u that much freedom hehe!


Pretty standard logo for this one. I like its simplicity.

design progression

I kinda wanted to know from concept to finished product on this one. Its for a job match site. Anyone that knows me know my first love is figure drawings so when I get to draw people and create logos - I'm in heaven lol. This piece took a while because of "client- artist ups and downs"
and because its a specific style too... in the end they didn't take it either. I think its cool but meeh.. thats me. Unfortunately I cant post the final version, its stuck in my backup hardrive... i'll put it up sooon anyway :)
FKZO will be an upcoming festival in toronto. I think its under Haiti but yeah.. it just sort of has a carribean influence.
Here is a logo I made for a market research company in toronto. Was a lot of fun to work on especially the fact that the team was amazing to work with.